'Kepuhunan' As a Local Tradition and Myths For Your Own Safety

Many people say that Myth is nonsense because if we think about it logically most Myths don't make any sense. But you may believe it or not, there are also some Myth that are proven happened. That includes the Myth in Borneo about ‘Kepuhunan’ because there are many people who experience it. 

Well, what does ‘Kepuhunan’ mean? ‘Kepuhunan’ is one of the beliefs of Borneo people or better called as a Myth because there is no logical explanation about this. ‘Kepuhunan’ itself means to get Accident or Mishap for wanting something or not tasting or maybe eating something that has been offered (usually in the form of food and drinks).

For example, there is someone who lives in Samarinda, his name is Ando (pseudonym). He told that one day he had a friend who visited his house. At that time Ando was eating a plate of noodle, and he offered that food to his friend, but his friend refused and went home. 

Not so long after, Ando's older brother shouted from the outside, “Ando, your friend has an accident on the road near home!” Ando immediately went out to check on his friend. On the way he remembered that his friend had left home without tasting the food he offered. And that is what is called as ‘Kepuhunan’, you will get accident or mishap if you don't eating or tasting the food or drink that offered by the host to you.

Believe it or not but the Myth has become a tradition that already believed by people in Borneo for long time ago because the incident was experienced by most people on the Island. So if you visit Borneo and are offered to taste either food or drinks, you should taste it even a little. Even if you don't believe in this Myth, just do it to respect the local traditions and culture. You’ll be fine. 

Samarinda, June, 3th 2020
By Gratia A

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